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Fernholz Factsheet (2021)

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60 years of Fernholz

The time has arrived this year: Fernholz, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging for the food and dairy industries, can look back on a proud 60 years of company history. Established 1963 by the brothers Werner and Helmut Fernholz, the company has since evolved into an innovative and successful player in the industry.

The success story of Desto® Cups

With its second generation of the Desto® Cup, the manufacturer of plastic packaging Fernholz is now enabling recyclability of up to 98 percent. The cyclos-HTP institute in Aachen, which tests and certifies the recyclability of packaging, awarded the Desto® cup an ‘AAA’ rating.

Fernholz creates new sustainability benchmark for packaging

With an ‘AAA’ rating and 98% recyclability, the Desto cup from Fernholz creates a new environmental benchmark. The ‘AAA’ certificate was awarded by the cyclos-HTP Institute in Aachen, which tests and verifies recyclability.
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