Our sustainability check

At Fernholz, our 220 employees process around 2,000 tonnes of plastic granulate each month to create approximately 2.5 billion units of packaging each year. So it goes without saying that saving resources and energy is of central importance to us.

Our infographic gives you an impression of what we do to make our production more sustainable.

Our sustainable products

In addition to reducing packaging weight, it is just as important that existing packaging can become part of the recycling process, without ending up in landfill, incineration plants or the environment. At Fernholz, for example, all skeleton waste from thermoforming and edge trim waste from sheet manufacturing is ground down and reused. This is done in strict compliance with quality guidelines.

Over the past few years, we have worked together with our customers to reduce packaging weights and foil thicknesses in order to use fewer resources. We will continue to analyse additional optimisation options with our customers in the future. Energy management is another important aspect of our sustainability strategy. Our main focus is on increasing efficiency and reducing consumption. To achieve these goals, we invest in the latest cooling technology and effective thermal recovery or in the expansion of regenerative processes for power generation.

Recycled Polystyrene (r-PS)

In cooperation with our partner TRINSEO, we have succeeded in developing a high-quality polystyrene made from 30 % recycled PS …

Destu®-Becher mit Papiermanschette, ablösbar

The Desto®-Cup

“The less plastic, the better.” The Desto®Cup is based on this principle. Desto®Cup technology combines the advantages of plastic and cardboard or paper. A plastic inlay, as thin as possible, is covered up to the sealing edge with cardboard or paper…

Becher transparent, bedruckt, 500 g, 95 mm, Fernholz Verpackungen

Single material cups

Offset printing for reliable entry into the recovered substance cycle: Cups with sleeves are popular, but they always cause problems in the recycling process. Our mono-material cup is printed with one of our printing machines directly after thermoforming…


Mono-solutions in polypropylene

Manufactured from PP, PS or PET to suit the use case, this packaging is printed directly after thermoforming. The peeling behaviour of the top and bottom sheets can be adjusted if necessary.



Fernholz NFM cups reduce the percentage of fossil resources by up to 50 %. They are made of up to 50 % talcum, a raw material that is natural, versatile and cost-efficient.


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