Our focus is on manufacturing plastic packaging, for example yoghurt cups, trays and lids using injection moulding and thermoforming processes as well as sheet extrusion, in particular for the food and dairy industries. Our customers can select from three standard options for labelling packages: in-mould labelling, self-adhesive labels and direct printing.
What’s more, our Desto technology offers additional labelling options for customers.

Injection moulding

Our modern injection moulding machines run around the clock, guaranteeing our customers the highest efficiency and best value for money. Cups can be labelled, for example, using the in-mould labelling process (IML). This is done by placing printed packaging labels into the injection moulding tools and seamlessly attaching them to the wall of the cup. Production and labelling are thereby completed in a single manufacturing step. The result: a fantastic, top-quality printed image to optimally present your product to the customer.


Fernholz is equipped with a variety of thermoforming machines with different tool systems and a variety of performance classes. This means we are able to deliver individual, cost-efficient product launches and then reliably produce larger quantities and move on to large-scale production as needed..

Sheet extrusion

With a variety of sheet extrusion lines in Meinerzhagen and Schkopau, we produce sheets with thicknesses ranging from 250 to 2,000 μm at widths between 250 to 1,000 mm from PS, PP and PET, as well as PS with laminate foil on roller diameters between 600 and 2,000 mm.
In Schkopau, we work around the clock in 5 different shifts with a core team of 20 employees on a production floor measuring 1,600 m². Our modern extruders realise sheet production for our customers and for further processing. Our roller warehouse has a surface area of 1,400 m², so we can guarantee that we will deliver our products on time to our customers, without delays.

Printing and labelling

Whether in simple white, four colours, in combination with a special colour or even with a decorative top coat: we guarantee flexibility when it comes to printing processes. We have a wide range of printing options on offer: standard and special shapes, use of all colours available for direct cup printing, partial and pinpoint printing, and a coated finish.

Warehouse and logistics

We manufacture sheets using the extrusion process and food packaging using injection moulding or thermoforming at our Meinerzhagen location (11,400 m²) and our Schkopau location (1,600 m²). In total, we have access to 9,400 m² of warehouse space and 1,300 m² for administration and processing purposes. Thanks to intelligent warehouse design, we can deliver both standard packaging units and customer-specific overpacks quickly and flexibly in accordance with your needs.

Hygiene and safety

In particular when it comes to food and dairy, all production, processing and sales processes, including those in primary production, must be able to guarantee compliance with hygiene and safety regulations. Fernholz, as one part of this chain, is happy to do its part, with regular training and employee monitoring, as well as implementation of management control systems for both the production process and work processes on site.

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