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Only in music stereo is better than mono

We need to reduce packaging to the bare minimum if we want to conserve resources and protect the environment. This fact is undisputed. But it is at least equally important to include current packaging in the recycling loop.


Latest news about Desto®-Cup technology

Desto®-Cup has been a registered trademark of Fernholz in the Federal Republic of Germany since 20 June 2022. Our Desto®-Cup has established a strong market presence since then, with more than 12.5 million units sold in 2022 – and counting.

Fernholz Desto-Becher

Desto®Cup technology continues its victory march

The resource-efficient Desto Cup techno-logy is now firmly established. Trade journals have already published detailed reports on Fernholz’s new decorative system, and market demand is rising as well.

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