Three generations
of success.

We have been producing plastic packaging and films for the dairy and food industries since 1963. As an experienced partner for packaging solutions, we offer a wide range of individual products and services – from conception and development through production to storage and logistics.

In addition to our main factory in Meinerzhagen-Valbert, there has been a second factory in Schkopau near Halle an der Saale since 2009. In Meinerzhagen, packaging is produced using thermoforming and injection molding processes, as well as films made of PS (polystyrene), PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Our factory in Schkopau specializes in the production of film, especially for the dairy industry, from PP and PS.

With around 200 employees, Fernholz processes 2,000 tons of plastic granules every month, which corresponds to around 2.5 billion packages per year.

Location Meinerzhagen

Standort Fernholz Verpackungen Meinerzhagen
In Meinerzhagen, our focus is on small and large batches of specialised, individual customer solutions and standard items.
W.u.H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffverarbeitung
Gewerbegebiet Ihne 2 | 58540 Meinerzhagen
Phone: +49 2358 90860
Fax: +49 2358 10 04

Location Schkopau

Standort Fernholz Verpackungen Schkopau
In Schkopau, we focus on high-performance extrusion of PP and PS sheets.
W.u.H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffverarbeitung
Dow ValuePark – Gebäude F/16 | 06258 Schkopau
Phone: +49 3461 342610
Fax: +49 3461 34261 29

Our History


The brothers Werner and Helmut Fernholz start a company together, Fernholz Verpackungen. With only a single injection moulding machine, they begin producing plastic items.


Inauguration of the first production hall at the current location in the industrial estate Ihne in Meinerzhagen. Over the years, the production areas and warehouses are continually expanded and developed.


Frank and Uwe Fernholz, the sons of the brothers Werner and Helmut Fernholz, take over management of the company.


The silo facility for raw materials at the headquarters in Meinerzhagen is expanded, significantly increasing warehouse capacity for raw materials.


The sheet manufacturing site in Schkopau opens, adding a second, high-performance production location with modern extrusion plants for PS, PP and multilayer sheets.


Uwe Fernholz takes over sole management of the company. Frank Fernholz continues to manage the sales department. In addition, there is a restructuring of shareholders within the family.

Standort Fernholz Verpackungen Meinerzhagen

Start of the long-term strategy FERNHOLZ 2025. This marks the start of a comprehensive investment programme at both Fernholz locations. Til Fernholz starts work at the company, marking three generations of the Fernholz family working at Fernholz Verpackungen.

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