Lids made of PS, PP and APET either round, rectangular or oval.

Thermoforming: Polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Injection moulding: PS, PP

Thermoforming and injection moulding

Labelling options:
Pre-printed sheets or labelling (T), IML (S)

lid square

Quadratischer Deckel transparent, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid 95 mm XX

Runder Deckel, transparent 95 mm, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid rectangular

Rechteckiger Deckel, transparent, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid rectangle

Rechteckiger Deckel, bedruckt, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid 133 mm

Runder Deckel, 133 mm, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid 110 mm x

lid 110 mm x

lid 110 mm

Runder Deckel, 110 mm, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid 95 mm x

Runder Deckel, transparent, 95 mm, Fernholz Verpackungen

lid 95 mm

Runder Deckel, bedruckt, 95 mm, Fernholz Verpackungen

All images are example products.

All of our production processes are certified.


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