21. 06. 2023 | Pressemitteilungen

The success story of Desto® Cups: Second generation with AAA rating

  • Up to 98% recyclable
  • Suitable for mono-material recycling

Meinerzhagen, 21/06/2023

With its second generation of the Desto® Cup, the manufacturer of plastic packaging Fernholz is now enabling recyclability of up to 98 percent. The cyclos-HTP institute in Aachen, which tests and certifies the recyclability of packaging, awarded the Desto® cup an ‘AAA’ rating.

One of the main reasons for this excellent rating is the ease with which consumers can remove the sleeve compared to cups with conventional ones or cuffs. The sleeve on the Desto® cup is released by mechanical pressure to ensure even easier detachment from the packaging container. This is achieved either when the consumer crumples the packaging or by mechanical pressure during subsequent waste separation. For this purpose, a weakening line was placed on the cuff instead of the conventional separation strip. This line runs parallel to the lateral edges and is created by perforation, pre-scoring or other weakening methods. This enables easy and efficient separation of the different waste components and facilitates the recycling process.

‘The second generation of our Desto® cup is a real breakthrough’, says a visibly delighted Uwe Fernholz, Managing Director of W. u. H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG. ‘This development is the direct result of our Fernholz goes green strategy. It means we are giving retailers and customers precisely what they want’, adds Fernholz. The basic idea behind the Desto® cup was to enclose a thin̈ plastic inlay in cardboard or paper up to the sealing edge. This cover gives the cup the necessary stability, despite the reduced share of plastic. Both the plastic used and the cardboard cover ensure a high recycling quota. Fernholz produces the cups from single materials such as PP, PS or PET, with a view to improving recyclability. The cardboard is easily removed from the inlay and can then be recycled according to type.

Based in Meinerzhagen and Schkopau, W. u. H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of films and plastic packaging. It holds numerous certificates that bear witness to its sustainable and innovative products.

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