17. 01. 2023 | News

Drop-in solution for an improved carbon footprint

“Fernholz goes green” places a particular focus on the production of cups based on renewable raw materials. To this end, we joined with three industry partners to launch a feasibility study along the plastics value chain for organic-based polypropylene (PP) at the beginning of 2022. Now we can state with complete conviction that organic-based PP is a genuine “drop-in” solution and can replace fossil-based PP without any compromises. Our study was based on a conventional yoghurt cup made of PP with a measurable renewable content.

Neste Germany provided the basic raw material for the production of renewable PP by LyondellBasell. We processed this granulate into sheets and then thermoformed it into cups at Illig in Heilbronn.

Sheets made from conventional fossil-based PP raw materials were manufactured and processed at the same time to permit a direct comparison. Identical parameters were used to produce the sheets made from fossil-based and renewable granulate. Care was taken to adhere to standardised process conditions and therefore to ensure comparability with regular production. During processing, we were unable to detect any differences between sheet made from fossil-based PP granulate and organic-based PP granulate. This result was echoed in the cups: No significant deviations were discernible in this case, either.

The study confirms that renewable raw materials definitely qualify as a drop-in solution. They have positive effects on the carbon footprint and are perfect for recycling as well. A detailed article, parts of which we have used or quoted in this feature, appeared in the August 2022 issue of the trade journal PLASTVERARBEITER under the title “How cups are made using renewable raw materials. Drop-in solution for an improved carbon footprint.”


Drop-in Replacement

is a term used in IT and other technical disciplines. It refers to the ability to replace one component with another one while maintaining complete compatibility. This enables migration without requiring extensive changes to the system.

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