24. 10. 2022 | News

Desto®-Cup is now a registered Fernholz trademark.

For each Desto®-Cup, an ultra-thin plastic inlet made of PP, PS, r-PS, PET or RPET is enveloped in cardboard or paper up to the sealing edge. The cardboard used in this process may contain up to 90 % recycled material. This saves considerable resources, particularly in combination with the reduced amount of plastic – up to 60 % less compared to conventional cups. Not only that, the cardboard is easily removed from the inlay, so that the materials can be separated and then recycled. Desto®-Cup has been a registered trademark of Fernholz in the Federal Republic of Germany since 20 June 2022. Our Desto®-Cup has established a strong market presence since then, with more than 12.5 million units sold in 2022 – and counting.

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