19. 10. 2020 | News

The well-known fruit yoghurt “Der Große Bauer” is the flagship of the Bauer private dairy. Now, with the “Type Skyr” he also gets a new product segment.
The special feature here is that other Skyr products are often based on quark or cottage cheese, while the new “Große Bauer Type Skyr” is based on significantly milder yoghurt. The top layer consists of a fruit mirror in four different varieties.

Right from the start we knew that the packaging should also be anything but standard. Thanks to the high-quality Fernholz offset printing with white background, the product immediately catches the eye on the supermarket shelf.
In the transparent polypropylene cup, the fruit mirror between the printed image and the board is immediately visible to the customer. The cup is currently available in four different varieties: cherry, strawberry, mango and peach-passion fruit.

Besides the Bauer private dairy, more and more customers rely on the high-quality Fernholz offset printing to achieve a monomaterial cup as packaging for their products.
The monomaterial cup, in this case made of PP, not only impresses with its excellent product presentation in the refrigerated shelf, but also with its very good recyclability.
The thin colour layer on the cup is not detected by the NIR detectors in the sorting systems, so that the cup can be fed into the correct material cycle, namely the PP cycle.
This is an important step towards recycling.

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