31. 03. 2021 | News
As early as 2018, the large retail chains announced that the volume of packaging used on store brands must be reduced significantly by 2025. But this cannot be resolved simply by
switching from plastic to alternative packaging or even by doing away with packaging entirely. In fact, we have to optimise existing solutions.


Fernholz 1-kg-bucket

The Fernholz 1-kg bucket shows that alternative designs can be developed from conventional plastic packaging. This example of plastic packaging is sufficiently well-known and unremarkable. We managed to reduce the weight of this bucket by more than 10%: we reduced the weight of the handle and also developed an optimised bucket rim. It is certainly possible to improve upon the design and weight of conventional hollow packaging rims. Alternatively, we could make the 1-kg bucket as a thermoform bucket or as a thermoform bucket with a cardboard collar. This would allow us to significantly reduce the weight and the plastic content still further.

1.490 standard cup

We took a similar approach to improving our 1.490 standard cup. Our mould design and development specialists identified an alternative material that can be used to make containers with thinner walls. We now produce these cups using 25% less material while retaining the same properties. The cups now weigh only 4.6 g.

So you see: we can cut back material usage and so reduce weights and save resources, even in apparently exhausted systems.

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