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Here at Fernholz, we often notice that conventional plastic packaging can also be used to
develop alternative concepts. 

Whether it’s by selecting alternative resources with better recycling properties or by changing the packaging geometry to cut back on materials. By doing so, we manage to optimise wall thicknesses and cup rims to manufacture our products with substantially less material, without compromising their mechanical properties. Just one example: We reduce the use of plastics by optimising process parameters. The required crush resistance is maintained nonetheless. Lowering material input and energy consumption is a form of resource conservation in action. The positive impact on prices and potential recycling charges are welcome knock-on effects.

In this solution, we used targeted raw material selection and optimised process parameters to reduce the weight of the cup by 10 % and of the lid by 4 %. In total, this means 8.12 % less weight for the entire packaging.

Reducing weight means cutting costs:

  • Less raw material consumption: 8.12 t per 10,000,000
    packaging units

  • Lower packaging levy: € 5,500 per 10,000,000 packaging units

  • Improved carbon footprint: ~ minus 16 t CO2 per 10,000,000 packaging units                                   

So let’s cooperate on analysing your current packaging solutions or discuss new developments. Get in touch!

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