25. 09. 2023 | News

A meeting to promote sustainable plastic packaging

W. u. H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG recently welcomed Dr Peter Liese, Member of the European Parliament, at its site in Meinerzhagen. Accompanied by the mayor of Meinerzhagen, Jan Nesselrath, the environmental policy spokesperson for the largest parliamentary group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) visited Fernholz to discuss issues relating to the future of sustainable packaging solutions.

Fernholz manufactures plastic packaging, including yoghurt cups, food trays and lids for the food and dairy industries in particular, at two locations. To do so, it uses technologies such as injections molding and thermoforming processes as well as sheet extrusion. The medium-sized company perceives itself as an innovator in the industry and, through continuous investment in research and development, has developed a raft of resource-efficient processes and products with minimal environmental impact. The Desto® cups – which are up to 98% recyclable – are a prime example of this.

v.l.n.r.: Uwe Fernholz (Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Fernholz), Dr. Peter Liese, Jan Nesselrath (Bürgermeister Stadt Meinerzhagen) Michael Roth (Geschäftsführer Fernholz)
Uwe Fernholz (links) und Dr. Peter Liese. (Bild: Europabüro für Südwestfalen und das Hochstift)

Uwe Fernholz, Managing Director of W. u. H. Fernholz GmbH & Co. KG, gave Liese and Nesselrath a presentation of his company’s innovative manufacturing processes and products. At present, up to 1,000 tons of recycled polystyrene are used in production, making a significant contribution to reducing waste and environmental impact. It pays off economically as well in the end, as the company is growing continuously and can look forward with optimism thanks to the vigorous demand for Fernholz innovations. “Our only concern is the lack of skilled labor. We actually have the capacity to create a much larger number of jobs”, emphasized Uwe Fernholz during the meeting.

Fernholz, Liese and Nesselrath discussed various environmental policy issues, including regulations on the mandatory use of recycled content in packaging and the development of sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption. Dr Peter Liese and the Fernholz management team have a common interest in finding ways to make plastic packaging more environmentally friendly, but without placing the production sites’ competitiveness at risk.

Fernholz sees itself as a pioneer in the development of resource-efficient plastic packaging and highlights the importance of working with politicians to identify the best solutions for the environment and the economy. Dr Peter Liese and the Fernholz management enjoyed highly constructive discussions, which ensured a more profound understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities the industry is facing. Building on the support of political decision-makers such as Dr Peter Liese, the company can look forward to a bright future in which resource-efficient packaging becomes the norm.

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