08. 11. 2022 | News

Mono-material packaging is easier to integrate in circular systems

We need to reduce packaging to the bare minimum if we want to conserve resources and protect the environment. This fact is undisputed. But it is at least equally important to include current packaging in the recycling loop. And the packaging material must be clearly identifiable during the recycling process if we want this to happen. Packaging that consists of several material components is a recurring problem.

Fernholz mono-material solutions for cups, bowls and other products are a genuine alternative. Manufactured from PP, PS or PET to suit the use case, this packaging is printed directly after thermoforming. Fernholz has managed to implement direct printing procedures that match the quality of conventional labels or sleeves in terms of colour fastness and brilliance.

Another example is the new PP sheets for FFS packaging. We have already placed the first products successfully on the market and are working tirelessly to increase their distribution. For all pf these solutions, the NIR sensors in the waste sorting systems direct the packaging safely into the correct recyclables stream. Nothing can stop recycling now.

PP-based mono-sheet solutions for various FFS use cases

The peeling behaviour of the top and bottom sheets can be adjusted if necessary. They catch the eye with outstanding recyclability, coupled with high machine runnability and un-beatable mechanical properties. Also available with built-in barrier property

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