25. 05. 2021 | News

It is obvious that we must all reduce the amount of packaging we use to protect the environment and save resources. But it is at least equally as important to ensure that existing packaging is safely recycled and does not end up in landfill or the environment.


For this reason, we must be able to clearly identify the material from which packaging is made during the recycling process. Packaging consisting of multiple different types of material poses a particular problem. Cups with sleeves are a typical example. But, of course, no-one wants a cup that is not colourful and lovingly decorated.

So we developed the monomaterial cup. The cups are produced from PP, PS or PET depending on their intended use. They are printed using one of our printers directly after the thermoforming process. Thanks to our many years of experience, we succeeded in printing motifs directly on the cup that are colourfast and brilliant enough to rival the quality of conventional stickers, labels or sleeves. But unlike sleeves, the thin layers of colour on the surfaces of our monomaterial cups are completely ignored by NIR detectors in waste-sorting plants during recycling. In effect, only the infrared spectrum of the material is analysed; the cups are sent to the right material stream and recycling can continue unhindered.

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